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Panacea Solution is run by a naturopathic doctor and a homeopathic consultant, with a combined experience of more than 50 years working in the field of natural medicine.


Over the years in our practices we have found that even though the majority of our patients got better, some would not progress beyond a certain stage, until we began to address and levels of chemical and EMF toxicity in their living and working spaces.


Our great passion and dedication is to make you feel healthy, happy and energetic, free of illness in a safe, sustainable and ecological environment.

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    Jan '15

    With help of Panacea Solution

    With help of Panacea Solution you can create a safe living environment with the lowest achievable radiation and toxicity levels that support, not damage, your health. Contact us to identify the levels of chemicals, EMFs and electrical currents and find out ways to reduce your exposure to improve your and your family or colleagues standard of overall health.



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